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Senior BI Analyst

Yêu cầu

- Reporting, dashboard design & interfaces

+ Collect & Define Requirements from key users

+ Define data requirements & Evaluate and assign business value to requirements

+ Perform data and process analyses

+ Develop and utilize dashboards effectively    

+ Develop, analyze, and modify processes, data structures, and models

+ Interact with clients to evaluate products and performance 

+ Make data-driven decisions and recommendations 

+ Articulately and concisely explain the implications of complex data

- Analytical models and engines    

+ All models and engines will be designed by the BI team and implemented by the development team

+ Item Recommendation Engine for ecommerce, POS system

+ Stock & OTB Forecasting for brand planning

+ Stock Consolidation for brand operations

+ Efficiency & Value Stream

+ Customer Lifetime Value

+ Demand Curves

+ Customer Drop-off Models


Yêu cầu có kinh nghiệm

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field required, master’s degree preferred

Minimum of 3 years’ experience working in analytics or relevant field

Solid computer skills, including Microsoft Office, databases, web-based applications

Significant experience with Tableau

Significant experience with SAP BIBO

Mô tả

Maison’s BI team drives the development of three major functions, 1) Data architecture and management, 2) Reporting, dashboard design and interfaces, and 3) Analytical models & engines

As a Senior BI analyst, your focus will be on reporting, dashboard design & interfaces and analytical models and engines.

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