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Street style fashion is officially back, covering the whole world’s most wanted men



Never before our hottest guys have such interesting mix and match outfits from Trendiano.

We have been familiar to men in elegant suits and blazers in recent years, but street style fashion has made a great comeback ever that the world’s hottest guys cannot ignore. Trendiano is one of the must-have fashion brand for those who are always in love with liberal street wear.


Instagram ‘prince’ Luce Blue Smith – famous American musician and model looking much better in monochrome outfits. (collection: Trendiano)


Tattoo artist and model Jimmy Q in Trendiano outfit.

Those who admire the muscular Asian beauty will remember the triplet brothers Mark, Charles and Lance Luu, or actor Trinh Khai, Tuong Kinh Phu, Vuong Tuan Khai,…

Mark, Charles and Lance Luu, who are famous for Hollywood blockbuster ‘Pacific Rim’, looking dynamic and full of energy in hip hop inspired Trendiano outfits. 

‘Running Man’ Trinh Khai in different street style with Trendiano.

9X actor Tuong Kinh Phu

Once dressing Trendiano, even young boys will look more statement and attractive.

Ngo Loi – one of the most favorite actor currently (outfit: Trendiano)


Singer Vuong Tuan Khai - TSBoys


Singer Noo Phuoc Thinh 

Famous stylist Travis Nguyen puts on trendy Trendiano pieces from head to toe. 

British fashion is the inspiration for Trendiano designers to bring out the utmost premium collections with high-class tailoring technique and silhouette. Thus, Trendiano is always the top choice of celebrities. Trendiano will officially launch its flagship store at unit 8, level 2, Saigon Centre shopping mall, dist.1, HCMC at 18:00, 16th November 2017 .   

Come visit us to enjoy the DJ-cocktail party with top V-biz stars and collect your special gifts. 

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