Back Tuesday 25, Sep, 2018

Let’s dance together with Puma at #DoYou movement first event


Puma’s #DoYou first program was organized with so much fun and significance at Saigon Centre on September 15th.

People who joined this event had a chance to experience Zumba dance with trainers and Puma team from warm-up to professional movement.

The special thing of this event is that it creates a fantastic place for all the girls to gather and share the spirit of #DoYou, enjoying freedom and proactive life. This is considered a global campaign of Puma for women only.

In a super “hot” air, young girls are free to selfie and check-in at Puma store, Saigon Centre. Many people had a lot of beautiful pictures to show off on their social pages. Besides, attenders will have a chance to be a part of  Puma worldwide.

Actor Kim Ly, who represents for Puma Vietnam, showed up at Puma store, which was such a big surprise for this first event.


#DoYou platform with its message “Women not only beautiful but also healthy” is such a opportunity for young girls to express themselves clearly. Therefore, Puma team in Vietnam hopes to bring more interesting progams for all women.

If you love Puma and #DoYou’s campaign, feel free to join many fascinating events coming soon this November and December at Puma stores in HCMC.

Puma stores addresses in Vietnam:
+ Unit 28, level 3, Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi, Dist.1, HCMC. T: (84-28) 3821 0621
+ Unit 10, level 2, Van Hanh Mall, 11 Su Van Hanh, Dist.10, HCMC. T: (84-28) 7109 9569
+ Unit 39, level 1, SC VivoCity, 1058 Nguyen Van Linh, Dist.7, HCMC. T: (84-28) 3771 1066

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