Back Monday 05, Dec, 2016

In the heart of Tokyo with Alma Jodorowsky


Together with the new Mango collection, let’s follow the beautiful actress and musician of The Burning Peacocks.

In the latest journey, Mango travel to Tokyo with Alma Jodorowsky. Her spirit of optimism accompanies her on this adventure, which will take her from the bustling streets of the Shibuya district to a peaceful temple where she will discover the magic of Gagaku and finally perform her latest hit ‘Tears of Lava’ live.

Everyday brings new choices, that’s why positivity is essential.

“Every time I travel for work, I try to have a walk and really embrace the energy of the cities I’m travelling in”. - Alma Jodorowsky.

“Art is something that has no boundaries…”

“Drama opens doors to so many other worlds…”

“Growing up in an artistic environment, I have always been dedicated to the acting world, and learned that the best way to work on your creativity is from freedom…” - Alma Jodorowsky.

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