Back Wednesday 10, Jan, 2018

Fun Ground The Lost Play land Found


Pedro Spring Summer 2018 collection will make you miss your childhood so much.

Created on the resurgence of the epic fairground from memories come to past, captured in muted vibrancy and fast-forwarded to the present-day.

The convergence of street-grunge flair and its revitalization is what this season is all about.

Amidst the quirk, a quiet of hyper-activity comes about. Recollections revisit and the individuals move, captured in reminiscence amongst what once was – anticipated rides demanding exhilaration and freedom.

Yet, it does give release – a release to moments and thoughts of freedom in fun.

Spring Summer 2018 is inspired by the notion of the fun ground of our past. The campaign is the culmination of modern day street coupled with the furore of muted retro vibrancy and the reality of quiet in quirk.


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