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Max Mara Pre Fall 2018: Katsura - The art of lines


At the point when the phantom of the architectures motivated way to make perfect works of modern fashion.

In Japanese design, modernism is nothing new. In 1960 Yashuri Ishimoto drove that  home  with  his  photographs  of  the  Katsura  Imperial  Villa.  Those  pared  back  and strictly  ordered  perpendicular  planes  provoked  a  sensation,  attracting  comment from  Walter  Gropius  himself  -though  the  Villa  was  conceived  over  three  centuries before the Bauhaus.

Katsura was presented as a call to synthesize modernity and tradition. Generations of Japanese designers have taken it to heart. The sensitive fusion of the innovative and  the  familiar,  maybe  that’s  what  makes  Tokyo,  Kyoto  and  Nagoya  such pleasant places to be.

Max  Mara’s  philosophy  lies  in  the  modernist  aesthetic  too,  with  a  healthy  respect for its  own history. In architecture -and in the world of coats- so called ‘icons’ are the perfect incarnations of genres which have been honed over the years.

Design that  develops  this  way  acquires  symbolic  currency,  lasting  value,  something  you can cleave to in a world awash with stuff.

This season pays homage to the legendary 101801 coat, re-imagined as a blouson, belted redingote and trapeze coat.

But it’s not just about coats. Max Mara applies the architectural approach to a hard-working, multi-tasking wardrobe dedicated to life in the city. The collections’ precise geometry is underlined by wide shoulder straps with stylised D-rings. The silhouette is linear, long and fluid, with flat lace-ups, ankle socks, fine gauge knitted gloves and beanies.  

Sinuous  volants  and  godets equate  in  clothing  terms  to  those  well-judged  diagonals  and  curves  that  the Japanese masters throw into their rectilinear schemes.

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