Store manager (Hanoi)

Job Description Detail

**Employee management


- Train all staffs about the new products, sales skill, products display instruction, customer service skill, … according to brand requirement.

- Ensure all staffs in store must be aware of and perform a good customer service according to the standard of the Company.

- Daily and weekly assign tasks to staffs.

-  Manage the subordinates and make sure all staffs follow strictly the Company, brand and working place’s regulations and job descriptions. Closely work with Brand Manager to build and maintain a qualified team.

* External:

- Always maintain the highest customer service standard at the stores.

- Bring out immediate reply to customers’ feedbacks and complaints.

- Make a list of customer data and develop customer loyalty program.  

** Sales management:

- Execute sales target plan as requested.

- Manage material and human resources to ensure the sales target planed by the Company.

- Do reports as requested.

- Responsible for management, use effectively the monthly budget.

 ** Products management:

-Responsible for inventory and merchandise management, as well as the loss may happen at stores in charge.

- Execute different methods to prevent the loss from external and internal.

- Manage and have staffs followed all the rules of products display.

- Make sure products are stored at best conditions. Products fall off by any reasons (accidentally or intentionally) are unacceptable.

- Directly report to Brand Manager.

**Brand image management:

- Make sure stores are always clean; follow strictly to products display guideline during opening time. No laptops are used at the cashier counter.

- Check and monitor the products display, change windows display weekly under the guidance of the company.

- Regularly conduct market research and report to management level.

- Regularly check and ask relevant departments to have the defects fixed.

- Other tasks assigned by management level.

Required Experience/Skills Detail

- Good knowledge about fashion.

- Experiences in related areas.

- Good communication skills.

*** Only qualified CVs will be invited to an interview.

Job Overview

Please send your application by email to HANOI HR DEPARTMENT: tuyendung.hn@maisonjsc.com or direct to address: 3th Floor, Phú Điền Building, 83A Lý Thường Kiệt Street, Trần Hưng Đạo Ward, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hà Nội City, Vietnam.



Contact name: Ms Tường Vân 

Please send your resume to: tuyendung.hn@maisonjsc.com

Contact Information

Please send your resume to: tuyendung@maisonjsc.com or upload your resume here.