Data Warehouse Developer

Job Description Detail

  • Perform the design and extension of data marts, meta data, and data models.
  • Consolidate and optimize available data warehouse infrastructure.
  • Design and implement ETL procedures for intake of data from both internal and outside sources; as well as ensure data is verified and quality is checked.
  • Design and implement ETL processes and data architecture to ensure proper functioning of analytics, reporting environments, and dashboard.
  • Control the ETL to ensure completion of the process, with whole and error free data.
  • Responsible for all data integration activities into and out of the corporate data warehouse, establishing priorities and resource planning.
  • Monitor and turn data loads and queries.
  • Ensure all data warehouse architecture codes are maintained in a version control system.
  • Administer all requirements and design various functional specifications for data.
  • Collaborate with business and technology stakeholders in ensuring data warehouse architecture development and utilization.

Required Experience/Skills Detail

  • 3+ years or more experience performing data warehouse architecture development and management.
  • 3+ years of data delivery, ETL and data warehouse design, analysis, and programming experience, and when necessary, help with accurate and timely processing of data warehouse system.
  • Strong knowledge of database principle and best practices for data/information delivery systems.
  • Exceptional experience developing codes, testing for quality assurance, administering RDBMS, and monitoring of database.
  • Technical skills: SQL Server, Python / Node.js, ETL tools.

Job Overview

Contact Information

Please send your resume to: tuyendung@maisonjsc.com or upload your resume here.

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