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3 ways to stop foundation from ruining your party outfit


From now you will have the ability to keep your clothes from foundation stains even when you are at a party.

Finally, the holiday season is coming bringing its playful air to every corners of the city. Many fashion lovers are about to prepare for chic outfits and fancy makeup style to join festive holiday parties.

As you know, the makeup things always bring problem to the outfit. It is easy to smudge foundation along the neckline of your clothes at one point or another even you use foundation brush skillfully or getting dress after applying your makeup cautiously. Instead of attempting to rub the stain away, which will always make things worse, Claire Vanderstoel – an expert in stains (and laundry in general), Biozet Attack Australia said that there are a lot of ways that will help to remove the stain quickly and effectively.

Let’s find out these tricks to throw away your worry about the stain of makeup products.


Unfortunately while applying makeup, you splatter foundation on your clothes. Don’t worry, treating the area with shaving cream or dishwashing detergent and blotting the area with a clean washcloth as soon as possible. Clair Vanderstoel claims that both two household products are able to lifting foundation specks on clothes since they can cut through the stain. You should gently dab the stain rather than rub it, because rubbing will only push the stain further into the clothing fibres. To remove stubborn stain, you need to use detergent when washing clothes.


In general, powder foundations are much easier to remove from garments. However, Vanderstoel advises that you should have certain care to clean your clothes. First, you need to dust away any excess powder, using toothbrush to dislodge powder stain and then rinse before completely washing.


If you make foundation specks on your clothes at the party or when you are not at home, don’t worry because Vanderstoel will show you a hack for minimizing the damage. Quickly cover the area with a thicker layer of salt and pour soda water on top. Let the stain sit for an hour before brushing off the excess salt and liquid. Then, make sure to wash as soon as you get home.

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