Back Monday 15, Aug, 2016

21 of the Coolest and kookiest Olympics Outfits Ever


The Olympics are awesome for a number of reasons. And as much as we love watching superhuman feats of strength and athleticism, our favorite part might be the outfits. Better or worse, here you are the 21 outfits of the most interesting looks from years past.

1. 1924: EGYPT

Cool hats, classic suits. An all-around win.

2. 1936: USA

Is it weird that we’d wear every single one of these pieces today?

3. 1968: FRANCE

Dresses and caps, perfect for sporting.

4. 1968: MONGOLIA

To have half the confidence of this fine gent…

5. 1968: USA

Can’t decide the best part: The white tights, the dark loafers or the over-the-shoulder mom purses.

6. 1976: FRANCE

Fleur Delacour, is that you?

7. 1984: AUSTRALIA

Do you know Australia’s male competitors refused to walk out with the female cohort because they did not want their priceless moment ruined.

8. 1992: FRANCE

After this they’re going to space.

9. 1992: CROATIA

After this they’re auditioning for a community theatre production of The Sound of Music.

10. 1992: MOROCCO

Would love to know the story behind this one.

11. 1996: BURKINA FASO

Matching sets: hot since ’96.

12. 1998: USA

Yes, Mr. Rogers sweaters. Yes.

13. 1998: GREECE

Secret Service agents or Olympians? You be the judge.

14. 2000: JAPAN

That’s one way to make sure your country stands out.

15. 2000: NORWAY

Or you could go the opposite route and try to camouflage with the track.

16. 2004: JAPAN

The housecoat comeback you didn’t know you wanted.

17. 2008: HUNGARY

The dudes were allowed to wear perfectly fine suits. 2008: Hungary

18. 2012: GERMANY

It’s often best to literally wear your gender on your sleeve.


Those unisex wellies though…

20. 2012: MALAYSIA

Huge missed opportunity if they didn’t walk out to “Eye of the Tiger.”

21. 2014: GERMANY

Taste the rainbow, be the rainbow, win the rainbow.