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Beauty Wednesday 19, Jul, 2017

How to apply eye makeup if you wear glasses to work

Sick of missing out on makeup magic just because you’re a glasses-wearing girl? Amp up your 'specs appeal' with this easy eye makeup tutorial tailored to fit any frame-wearing face

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Beauty Wednesday 12, Jul, 2017

Yoga Moves for Better Sex

These yoga poses improve your flexibility, open up your hips, and help you get more in touch with your body

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Beauty Sunday 09, Jul, 2017

Most Adults Need to Learn What This Mom Taught Her Kids About Body Fat

There's no shame in the word fat, only in the verb you use with it.

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Beauty Wednesday 05, Jul, 2017

Heal the natural way with these 4 tips to soothe foot blisters

If you thought you just had to painfully wait until they pass, you thought wrong

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