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Beauty Wednesday 20, Sep, 2017

The pixie cut hairstyle: it's short, chic and the A-list are loving it

Are you brave enough to go for the pixie cut? See which celebrities look great with a shorter hairstyle.

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Beauty Sunday 17, Sep, 2017

The 30 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time

Over the past several decades, there have been plenty of trends when it comes to hair: Bobs, lobs, bangs, perms, poufs, layers, shags, and mullets, to name a few. But to qualify as “iconic,” one must possess something so fantastic it stands the test of time–or at least, that’s our definition. Take, for instance, Jane Birkin’s fringe, Stevie Nicks’s cascading blonde waves, or Grace Jones’s box-cut. It’s been eons and we’re all still referencing and attempting to replicate the art that is/was their hair. See? Iconic.

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Beauty Wednesday 13, Sep, 2017

The best hairstyles for your face shape, according to a hairdresser

When it comes to deciding on how to style your hair, it’s easy to follow the latest trend. But usually, we forget to opt for something that actually suits us. Our face shapes are one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a hairstyle. Adam Reed, Global Ambassador at ghd, explains, ‘Your face shape is a key factor to determine which style of shorter hair you should go for. ‘Done correctly, it will do wonders for your bone structure - and a longer style is often a gateway to go even shorter with your look.’ Here, Adam goes through each face shape and reveals his top tips…

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Beauty Sunday 10, Sep, 2017

Emmanual Macron Reportedly Spent Over $30,000 on Makeup in Three Months

All this time we've spent trying to emulate French beauty, looking to the country's best bloggers, influencers and models for our inspiration—when we should have been taking grooming tips from the French president instead.

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Beauty Thursday 07, Sep, 2017

The perfect tropical pedicure

Living in tropical land means you have lots of time to pretty your feet up.

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